The Best Way for the Studying Of English Language

Using oral English is an excellent way of Studying of English Language. This type of learning methodology is called Communicative English Teaching, practised in many classrooms teaching English. By this method, students will be encouraged to talk English as much as possible as they learn the language. It is a satisfactory method proven to take only a minimum period of learning hours to learn English.


Communicative English Teaching Methodology includes a range of proven English Teaching Techniques. The system does not discourage using grammar books and texts and does provide students to teach them. However, talking and using the language to practice as they learn grammar by writing and reading exercises, is much encourage by the Communicative English Teaching Method. With this method, they use grammar components without extra effort to learn them by memorising or engaging in English language exercises.


The method also uses vocabulary expanding techniques. Day by day, students have to learn more and more English words. With the introduction of new words, a student may think that he may not be able to grasp every word even though he or she learns English for the whole of their life. But qualified teachers use comprehensive exercises to make them understand new words via fun filled activities such as completing puzzles, scrabble, engaging in word searching games, quizzes, and other games.

Spoken English

More and more classes now use Spoken English Teaching Techniques. Instead of written practices, in this way students can effortlessly keep in mind the usage of words and their different meaning. Teachers play the role of a facilitator with this method and supply and encourage methods where students participate in talking and express ideas in English. Discussion among children, individual and group presentations, singing, dramatizing and many such methods can increase the vocabulary strength of students without forcing them to engage in rote practices.

English Only Policy

In the classrooms, teachers ask students only to use English when they are talking and engaging in other classroom activities. It is called English Only Policy. The system allows students to use English the whole day. Students voluntarily engage in English conversation exercises keeping a check on the components of Grammar in their speech. Spoken English Only Policy teaches children to pronounce words correctly, use grammar and the right words in their sentences.

Proper listening

Also, the importance of listening properly and understanding what others say is taught in classrooms. Listening to audio and video tapes, speaking with native English people, listening and watching videos recorded on English people, listening to English news broadcasting, responding in English after the hearing, and reviewing past grammar and English papers are some of the methods being used to enhance the students’ English listening skills.

Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing does not take a backseat in the classroom even though much importance to communicative methodology is given. Instant paragraph writing, writing formally as well as informally, resume and letter writing and many other techniques get the full attention of students and make them write in various ways. Students receive writing lessons according to their level and skills. Their interests, hobbies, approach and so on are taken into consideration when assigning writing exercises.



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