Intensive Numeracy & Literacy ESOL

from Canterbury College

Course Hours

Course Hours: Part-time study

Approximately 8-9 weeks of class each term

Programme Length

Course duration: 1 year

200 hours in total

Recommended for

  • Learners with a migrant or refugee background
  • Preliterate learners OR
  • Learners with very low levels of English language and literacy

Course Overview: English for Construction

Open a world of opportunities by getting the help you need to take control of your life by improving your reading, writing and number skills.

Society in general is becoming more complex with increasing literacy and numeracy requirements. Strong literacy and numeracy skills equip employees to fully participate in the workplace, develop higher level technical skills and cope with rapidly changing workplace demands. Additionally, by enhancing literacy and numeracy skills, people are able to function capably in day to day activities using English, and participate actively in society, improving opportunity.

This ILN-ESOL course is designed for people from a migrant or refugee background who are pre-literate learners or learners who have very low levels of English language and literacy. This course supports ESOL literacy and numeracy learning opportunities, to help adult learners gain the literacy and numeracy skills needed to effectively communicate and integrate into an English speaking environment and progress to further study or the workplace.

Course: Intensive Literacy & Numeracy (ILN-ESOL)

From Canterbury College

This Course Will Help To: