NZCEL Level 3

New Zealand Certificate in English Language 

Course Hours

Course Hours: Full-time

23 hours per week

Programme Length

18 Academic weeks 

2 Holiday weeks 

20 Weeks total 

Number of Units

12 Units total 

Program Credits: 62 credits


Course Overview: NZCEL Level 3

The Canterbury College NZCEL L3 (Applied) programme covers the four language skills* Assessment methods include research assignments, written exams, role-plays and oral presentations. Canterbury College offers excellent academic assistance to help      students prepare and perform well in their assessments.


NZCEL at Canterbury College

New Zealand Certificate in English Language
Level 3

Study NZCEL Level 3 (Applied) 

What you will learn

Students will, in addition, be well oriented to and prepared for the culture of study and life in an English speaking environment. Exceptionally qualified and experienced Canterbury     College tutors teach students all skills. As Canterbury College NZCEL L3 (Applied) graduates, students will have the English language skills to:


Understanding main points and supporting  detail in extended oral interactions


Exchange personal information and opinion on familiar topics


Read, understand and provide a response to texts on reasonably familiar topics


Produce comprehension connected texts for familiar and predictable purposes

A bit More Information

What is NZCEL Level 3 (Applied) ?

Not only a recognised alternative to the IELTS exam and other English proficiency tests as a pathway to further studies or training programmes in Aotearoa New Zealand at levels 4, 5, 6 & 7, the NZCEL Level 4 (Applied programme comprehensively instructs students on the essential skills both linguistic and cultural, to succeed at tertiary level study. 

Our NZCEL Level 3 (Applied) programme is assessed using unit standards, allowing students to pass stage by stage units as they progress.  Students can upgrade their skills until they reach a satisfactory standard. NZCEL results are validated by the NZQA with no expiry date.

NZCEL Level 3 (Applied) enables students to accumulate knowledge and skills in effective oral and written communication to prepare students for success at tertiary level. NO final exams needed! Pass the unit standard assessment as you study, every assessment adds to your success.

The qualification is aligned with The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), an international standard for describing language ability being used around the world to describe learners’ language skills.