NZCEL Level 4 (Academic), Full-Time

New Zealand Certificate in English Language 

New Zealand Certificate in English Language (NZCEL Level 4, Academic)


This programme is intended for learners of English as an additional language, attending NZQA approved programmes who wish to pursue further English language study in an academic context. 

The programme will enable learners to gain language skills required to communicate independently and effectively in familiar and some less familiar situations with fluency and flexibility in academic settings. 

This qualification is at a level comparable to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) mid B2. Completion of the programme and the award of the qualification will allow educational institutions to make informed judgements regarding the level at which the learner can use English for academic purposes.


  • Course duration: 18 acdemic weeks

  • Study full-time

  • Classes:  23 hours per week

  • 9 units covering reading, writing, speaking and listening English language skills

  • 62 NZQA credits

  • After completion you will be awarded a New Zealand Certificate in English Language (Level 4, Academic)


International Student: $9000 per year

Enrolment fee : $250 

Resourse fee:$500

The tuition fee should be paid in full in advance before the start of the term.


Please check with

NZCEL Level 4: Graduate Profile Outcomes

What you will learn


Understand main ideas and supporting details of moderately complex written academic texts.


Write detailed, developed, moderately complex academic texts.


Participate effectively in sustained spoken academic discourse.


Understand main ideas and supporting details of moderately complex oral academic texts.

A bit More Information

What is NZCEL Level 4 (Academic) ?

This certificate may facilitate meeting the language requirements for:
– many vocational and undergraduate programmes/courses and specialised fields of study requiring lower and/or New Zealand Qualifications Framework Level 5, for entrance, depending on the focus of the programme leading to this qualification.


NZCEL Level 4 (Academic): Units

SkillUnit StandardCredits
Read and understand moderately complex texts in an academic context (EL)Unit 3099810
Read and process information in English for
academic purposes
Unit 22751 EAP6
Write an evaluation for a specific purpose in an academic context (EL)Unit 310405
Write a text under test conditions in English for an academic purposeUnit 22749 EAP5
Write a crafted text for a specified audience using researched material in English for an academic purposeUnit 22750 EAP6
Deliver an oral presentation in English for an academic purposeUnit 22891 EAP5
Participate in sustained discussions in an academic context (EL)Unit 3101710
Demonstrate understanding of formal spoken texts in an academic context (EL)Unit 3099110
Demonstrate understanding of a spoken text and process information in English for an academic purposeUnit 22892 EAP5
Total credits62 credits
(9 units in the course in total)

NZCEL English language Certificates: Progression, IELTS & CEFR

NZCEL Level 4 Academic Certificate on the exit provides English skills similar to IELTS 6.0 or CERF mid B2.

NZCEL Study Pathways into Mainstream Programmes

Graduates of NZCEL meet the English proficiency requirements to enrol in mainstream programmes, as shown on the chart below. Specifically, NZCEL Level 4 academic provides a pathway to most undergraduate degrees in New Zealand Universities. 

Entry Requirements

To be admitted to the New Zealand Certificate in English Language – Level 4 (Academic):

  • Canterbury College English Test (CCET);
  • OR completion of Level 3 NZCEL (Applied – Academic Context);
  • OR an overall IELTS proficiency level in Academic English of 5.5 with no individual band score lower than 5.0;
  • OR an acceptable equivalent score from an NZQA approved International English Language Test.

Canterbury College English Test

Before the start of the course you will be required to complete Canterbury College English Test for us to better understand your level of English. 


For enrolment and additional information please contact

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